Clinical forecasting software for mechanical ventilation management


MV-Optimizer is a clinical forecasting software developed to assist clinicians in mechanical ventilation management, a life-support therapy that seeks to assist the breath of a patient who cannot breathe by themselves. Our system aims to cope with one of the great current problems of clinical practice: the correct ventilator setting, a great complexity procedure, especially in the latest generation ventilators. Through the MV-Optimizer and in connection with intensive or semi-critical care unit medical devices, the doctor will be able to test different ventilator settings, to simulate the patient’s dynamic response and, in this way, to determine which is the more proper ventilatory therapy for the patient.

MV-Optimizer will allow optimizing the ventilation treatment by improving patient care (with better human-machine synchronization, fewer days in the ICU and a decrease in related complications) and by reducing health costs.


MV-Optimizer integrates a ventilator model and a comprehensive human-cardiorespiratory mathematical model that is dynamically self-adjusted to each patient from their physiological variables. So, it allows simulating a wide variety of ventilator settings and addresses the new paradigm of healthcare focused on personalized health care, which encourages the prediction and optimization of medical treatment.

Realistic simulations

Simulates spontaneous ventilation therapies

Comprehensive approach

Include cardiovascular and respiratory models that allow predicting not only cardiorespiratory variables but also those related to subjacent processes and used to be unmonitored.

Patient's adaptation

Gives information about the patient's adaptation response to changes in mechanical ventilator parameters.

M.A. Mañanas

Responsible scientist

PhD in Biomedical Engineering, UPC. Assoc. Professor at the Automatic Department at UPC.

L.Y. Serna

Entrepreneur scientist

PhD in Biomedical Engineering and Post-Doctoral researcher at UPC

A.M. Hernández


PhD in Biomedical by UPC. Engineering, assoc. professor at Universidad Antioquia-Col.

A. Nicolau

Tech Transfer Project manager

Innovation & Tech Transfer Project manager Biomedical Engineer, MSc. Former Co-founder and CEO

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